Together, let's pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

Protecting the planet for future generations is an integral part of our culture, and we strive to incorporate sustainability into everything we do. We are aware that our business activities have an impact on the environment, but this also allows us to make a clear difference.
That’s why we claim that Swoopin is more than a logistics and delivery company. Swoopin is purpose-driven. Our success and quality of service depend on more than our services, they depend on our vision. For us, being sustainable means continuously striving to do more good and less harm. We believe that the most effective way of achieving this is to set ambitious goals for the company and encourage our partners to do the same. Furthermore, we're prepared to bear higher costs to enable improvements that benefit sustainability in the long run. Whether it's investing in electric vehicles, our green physical assets, or working to hire in sensitive areas – we're committed to investing in sustainable choices. We have built an inclusive workplace, developed environmental responsibility and ethical business conduct that’s beyond expectations. We take the pledge to do our best to protect our planet and always go further in our commitments.
Together, let's build the future of sustainable logistics and delivery.
Greening strategy
People often believe that efficiency and sustainability are opposite ideas. That reasoning is completely outdated. Our world demands changes. Let's give it a go.
Swoopin thinks that this reasoning is outdated. Our world demands changes. Let's do it. Sustainability shall be part of business, we consider this as the right thing to do. Sustainable thinking is fully integrated in our business model, embedded in our operations, governance and strategic blueprint. Our commitment to sustainability reflects the expectations of our employees and customers, and our commitment to purpose-led progress. It is our hope that more leading companies follow our path and choose to drastically reduce carbon footprint in major cities.
We use a fleet of over 1000 cycles, van and car couriers to create a uniquely fast, reliable and sustainable logistics network.
Ethical Vision for our Workforce
We believe in workforce empowerment.
Because our workforce is the symbol of who we are. Because our workforce is the first ambassador of our brand and commitment to creating more sustainable business solutions. Because we believe that the work place should be a fulfilling one - according to the amount of time spent there.To make sure that we understand the need of the workers, we directly ask them.
Because it is our belief that a happy collaborator is an efficient worker. Not only are our employees paid by the hour, we encourage internal mobility and provide great benefit packages.

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