Greening your
shipping strategy

As a brand, you want to provide fast, convenient and sustainable deliveries. Swoopin built a tech-driven network of city-distribution centers to give you the means to your ends. Our solution is optimized to reduce our mileage, contributing to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.
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The Power of Proximity
for Optimized Logistics in a Sustainable World

You expect faster, more reliable and tailor-made deliveries with less environmental impact.
Impossible you say?
Yet, we have done it.
With our ecosystem locations and a team of nearly 1500 people, Swoopin is one of the largest operator of mobility and logistics in France. We transform underutilized urban spaces into hubs to bring you the goods you desire. Faster than ever before. Together let us model the future of logistics and delivery.

Last mile Logistics for good

Unlock zero error rate, same-day delivery and pickup returns with an experience your customers won't forget

Last-mile delivery

We’re here to empower your customers throughout the entire last mile. From scheduled same-day deliveries to real-time tracking, we turn what was once a problem into an outstanding post-purchase experience.
With Swoopin, be satisfied for good.

The Benefits of Swoopin

Customer centric approach
Faster deliveries
Reduced city congestion
Greened shipping strategy
7/7 from 6am to 11pm
Return on demand
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Swoopin Fresh

Fresh deliveries are not classic deliveries. Not only are they fragile, they are a reflection of your craft and expertise. What would your client think if your fresh products were delivered uneatable? That you do not have quality products. And that's simply unacceptable. That's why we designed specific tech equipments allowing you to be as agile as possible and respect the cold chain compliance.
With Swoopin, stay fresh for good.

Here is our offer :

A city-hub network equipped with state of the art cold rooms
The largest refrigerated green fleet in Europe
+500 collaborators trained to comply with the cold chain
Tech built to monitor temperatures in real time
Live notifications if temperatures rise


Global brands need a fast and optimized supply chain to grow. We can provide significant improvements in efficiency and handling times thanks to our cross-dock city-centers.
With Swoopin, optimize for good.

Urban Storage Services

What makes a delivery faster? Storing goods even closer to your customers. With our urban city hubs, we offer you the agility you need to offer a great customer experience.

With Swoopin, be agile for good.

Mobility for good

We are passionate about high-performance. But we are not willing to compromise on our values.
Our activity is 100% green and we pay close attention to the well-being of our workforce. That’s what we call acting for good.
Pick-up low battery, broken or out-of service area scooters to bring them back to the warehouse
Charge low battery scooters in our urban- green-hub energy.
Deploy ready-to-ride scooters to predefined zones in a service area
All the information sent by our task-force is automatically transferred to your team. We provide you with weekly performance reports.

Engineering for good

Swoopin software engineers have developed robust applications specifically for the last-mile consumer experience. Make an online purchase, track it in real time, set personalized alerts and reschedule deliveries digitaly. That’s the kind of flexibility we can provide. Additionally, we keep close attention to your clients satisfaction.
That’s why so many e-commerce companies chose Swoopin.
We innovated the full scope of the last mile experience to give you continuous opportunities and build loyalty.
Today’s consumers are more mobile and less patient – they have confidence in brands that use cutting-edge innovation to keep them informed.
Our technology enables you to meet your customers’ expectations without investing in software development.

One dynamic technology that empowers your entire logistics chain.

One powerful platform
Dynamic live tracking
Monitor delivery performance in real time with GPS tracking of items.
Unrivaled data and insight
Get a radically transparent view of your shipment's data as well as instant insights to optimize your business.
Post-purchase experience
Branded, reassuring and intuitive post-purchase experience

See how we can green your shipping and logistics strategy

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